Funck Financial Consulting (FFC) was founded in January 2004.

We focus on strategic consultation for financial services companies in the areas of sales-driven marketing and integrated communication concepts.

We are generalists and specialists for specific areas at the same time, commanding the diverse range of communications disciplines and skills required in various sectors.

We support our clients as doers or moderators with the definition of specific objectives and efficient solutions for their projects. With a sound intuition for trends, we provide new creative impulses and help with deployment.


FFC: Quality, Commitment and Passion.

Jutta Funck is the founder of FFC with many years of experience with financial institutions, especially for sales organisations and investment companies. The focus of her consulting activities is:

  • The development and implementation of comprehensive marketing and communication strategies;
  • Market launch and market adaptation strategies;
  • The development of customer loyalty concepts;
  • The communicative implementation of corporate strategies and product concepts;
  • Crisis management.

Less is more.

Consultation is a management matter at FFC. We have high quality standards, are attentive, committed and focus on the core issue of leading our clients to success.

FFC can also direct employees or existing contacts to external professionals commissioned on behalf of the client.

Depending upon the project, FFC works with a network of specialists built up over many years. As a result projects can be implemented flexibly, on time and cost-consciously. 

We take a comprehensive and independent approach.

Comprehensive also means addressing people using all senses and building up trust with credibility and candour. 

We never build our concepts from sand. Precise analyses result in clear strategies.

Before we begin a project we always conduct sound analyses of the competitive environment, the corporate position, the target group and possible differentiators.

We plan carefully and implement the concepts developed in a conscientious fashion. This frequently means that we not only achieve the objectives more efficiently, but that we also manage our budgets effectively.

We want to enjoy our work.

The charm of our corporate concept lies in the diversity of activities. So we always control the project management ourselves. We are the contact responsible for our clients.

Creativity flows through our veins. We are confident in our style and flexible, motivated and work with great passion, target oriented and disciplined. We demonstrate empathy and combine this with an appreciation for our diverse target group segments.

Our clients’ success is important to us and we share your pleasure in every step towards achieving your goals.



Quality is never an accident;
it is always the result of intelligent effort

(John Ruskin)

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