Pictures and a smile often say more than many words.

Marketing and communication must be alive. Amusing, relaxed, intelligent and entertaining. People must be able to visualise these images. And the entire public appearance should never contradict this.

Recipients are the first to notice if a company really stands behind its claim, or if it is faltering. If the suit fits, have faith …. and enjoy your success.



The only consistent thing in life is change.  (Seneca) 

Marketing and sales demand creativity and the constant readiness to change.

We understand our business. Our consultation results in value-added strategies adapted to the corresponding market and target-oriented solutions.

  • Business planning
  • Market launch strategies
  • Corporate and product positioning
  • Sales strategies
  • Brand management
  • Relationship marketing
  • Migration marketing


One cannot not communicate (Paul Watzlawik)

This means that a company’s image is shaped in both a positive as well as a negative sense.

The corporate personality, culture, claim and communications style must therefore form a uniform picture that is directed towards the target groups and is consistent throughout all areas of public relations activities.

We understand our business. We develop, implement and direct concepts together with external specialists. Our clients benefit from our external corporate communications services. 

The areas include:

  • Corporate literature
  • Advertising
  • Sales promotional activities
  • Events


"Four hostile Newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets." (Napoleon)

We are familiar with the media and their information requirements and know many journalists personally. We know how long it takes to build up a positive image and a good brand image – and we are also aware of just how fast such an image can be destroyed. So, press work and crisis management are always conducted in-house for our clients.

 Do well and talk about it.

 We develop and realise external press centres to address journalists directly. This involves:

  • The consultation and design of targeted concepts for all issues involved with the contact to business, specialist and broad-based media.
  • Support for IPOs 
  • Organising press conferences and roundtables?
  • The creation, dispatch and follow-up activities for press folders and press releases
  • Personality-PR


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